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Glass Dispenser With Tap

Model No 1013

Size: 26.5*26.5*42cm

Capacity: 19.5L(5 gallon)

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Type: Beverage dispenser



Looking for Quality Glass dispensers? Come to US

Need the latest variety to add in your glass item stock? Shandong brings the best for you! Our iconic glass dispensers with a tap are obtained using top quality durable glass with a cork near the base which makes it easy to dispense liquid.

Choosing the right beverage dispenser can be more of a cut-and-dried scenario when you need it to keep in your store and extend your product variety. You need something you can confidently sell it to your customer. Our chic designed glass dispensers are something you can boast of providing!

They are easy to fill with any liquid beverage you want whether it’s any seasonal juice, cocktail, lemonade, soft drink, or any other favorite liquid, and it’s completely dishwasher safe. It has an extensive base and heavy glass which make it difficult for guests to knock over, so there are fewer chances of any spills or breakages.

Moreover, our glass dispensers can make party events like; dinner parties, backyard barbecues more convenient, it enables a free hand to get drink refill till however time a user or guest needs. The right drink dispenser can add elegance, ambiance, and a bit of fun to every purpose for which your customer will need glass dispenser.

Consider Shandong & Get a Right Dispenser!

We always make sure you get the right product for you whenever you approach us to buy beverage dispensers online, we’ll provide you the one that’s exactly right for you, whether it’s; Glyndon 332.8 oz. or Fortenberry Heritage 2.25-Gallon Beverage Dispenser.

Our supplied set of 2 glass beverage dispensers with tap are entirely different and useful for you, and for your customers. We can provide you with plenty of great deals each day without any token, or discounted coupon.

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