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Welcome To Shandong Li & Fung – The Leading Wholesale Glass Jar Suppliers

The name Shandong Li Fung is counted among the blue-chip product manufacturing companies in the market as a leading glass jar suppliers, for our successful services and satisfied products. Yes, our company is a place where success meets satisfaction as our product reveals what kind of effort has been made to make them look unique and long-lasting.

Being an exceptional wholesale glass jars suppliers and providers, we stock the highest quality containers at least discounted prices with prompt shipping and maximum order quantities. If you are looking for a top-quality wholesale glass jars suppliers of China, then Shandong Li Fung is one of the top glass jar suppliers you will come across.

We are not only the leading manufacturer of wholesale glass containers and jars but also a renowned glass jar suppliers who has been in the business for quite some time. Our experience speaks when we make wholesale glass containers and jars for our customers. We always maintain the quality of all glass jars and containers we pack in wholesale glass jars consignment.

Being a famous glass jar suppliers, we work hard to maintain the quality of all wholesale glass jars we design. Our manufactured glass packaging and decorative stuff have been scientifically proven to enhance the perceived value of wholesale glass containers and jars.

What Makes Our Wholesale Glass Jars Unique?

Our manufactured wholesale glass jars and containers have their own unique scent and flavor. It further offers large label panels for decoration and large openings for quick removal of contents.

All of our wholesale glass containers, jars, and other glass made items offers incredible strength, weight, and compatibility for materials which aren’t applicable to plastic containers. All our wholesale glass jars retain the taste of food and keep it fresh and long-lasting. We are known as the leading glass jar suppliers and manufacturers, as all our wholesale glass jars and containers are non-toxic, reusable, safe to use, and totally recyclable.

In short, our motto of selling products is entirely based on wholesale Bulk Pricing!

Good price & Quick Time Delivery

We not only boast of being known as a best supplier, but we prove it by quoting good product price and dispatch it to you as soon as possible

We owe strict Quality control system

As we own a decade experience in this field, hence we’re confident about good quality of products. Our strict control quality system includes; Initial inspection, medium-term inspection, and final inspection.

We’re Certified Service Provider

Our services have been certified with STC, HSL, LFGB, and SGS, tests. Our services not only confined to provide quality products, but we also serve with effective market solutions.

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